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May 18
The IFM Festival of 2023 Meet n Greet
  • CBS TV
  • Panama Racing Club
Classic Meet & Greet with DJ's at Panama Racing Club, The Hague.
May 19
Max Action Day 1
The IFM Festival of 2023: Max Action Day 1
  • CBS TV
  • PIP
Max Action Day 1 @ Panama Racing Club & PiP, Den Haag. Entrance is 20 eu for 4 rooms of mad DJ and Live performance action!
May 20
lekker likken
The IFM Festival of 2023: Max Action Day 2
  • CBS TV
  • PIP
Saturday May 20th: Max Action Day 2 @ Panama Racing Club & PiP, Den Haag.
May 21
tuut chips
The IFM Festival of 2023: Max Action Day 3
  • 508
  • 508
Sunday May 21st: Max Action Day 3 @ 508 Studio, Amsterdam.

Daily IFM

Archived: Radio Oscillations #356
Latest Radio Oscillations is now online for rewind 👇. I hope you feel this 🙂https://www.mixcloud.com/IronBlu/radio-oscillations-356/   ...
Archived: SEER 556 She's Hearing Voices - Spuren der Ewigkeit
Latest SEER show is up! Dark celestial hymns, shadows of time, traces of infinity. Deep ethereal drone ambient. Angels are here tonight. ...
Archived: Disease Circuits - 03.02.2023 - Live From the Nucleus of Nowhere
Post match analysis... https://www.mixcloud.com/sinisterglove/disease-circuits-03022023-live-from-the-nucleus-of-nowhere/
Viewlexx VXX-002 Released via Bandcamp!
Featuring Ian Martin, Alessandro Parisi, Swiss Arrow & Mule Driver find it here: https://viewlexx.bandcamp.com/album/viewlexx-vxx-002...
Archived: SEER 555 Max Fraisier Roux - Dérives
Latest SEER show is up! Romantic red passion contemporary music, melancholic modern classical. It's time for instrospection. With Max Fai...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #355
Online for rewind, link >> https://www.mixcloud.com/IronBlu/radio-oscillations-355/ Next show is one week today, next Monday, same...
Archived: MAGIC WAVES - 29/01/2023 - with DJ VICIOUS REGRESSION
2 hours of mainly Italo vibes up on the end of the internet line. https://www.mixcloud.com/sinisterglove/magic-waves-29012023-live-on-in...
Broadcast event 2023-01-27 Ferre dj set in REVEAL
Tonight at 20:30 the latest dj set recorded by Ferre in REVEAL, followed by reruns from the archive. Tune in via https://intergalactic.fm...
Archived: SEER 554 Decipher - Envergadura
latest SEER show is up! Cosmic chants to mother earth and the stars. Retro future musix from all over the globe. Prog rock, gamelan, worl...

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