Station Loading Time Reduced
Due to the incredible amount of content being generated by the IFM stations it took som...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #368
Online for rewind now:
Archived: SEER 578 Sebastien Crusener - Hiding From Daylight
This show goes back in time to the future. Retro-futurism, ambient, technohttps://www.m...
Archived: SEER 577 Decipher - Geen Katharen
A grand selection of medieval folk, instrumentals, hymns and chantshttps://www.mixcloud...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #367
New season first show online now. Check out here
Archived: SEER 576 Grass Harp - Organic Effects Processor
First show of the new season, exotic avantgarde electronics and minimal wave show, true...
Panama Racing Club Wednesday Special Action And Shop
We're open for business! Got cold blikkies, hott coffee, top notch merch and some fine ...
IFMXplorations on Rumble: Dune Series
Lots of sand and concrete; the Dune series on Rumble! - Dune 1 to 4:
The Dream Machine Down
Out for the count for a while. Sorry for the trouble.
Archived: Magic Waves Show - 20.08.2023 - The Human Glove
File under H for Hipster Doofus...
Archived: Magic Waves Show - 23.07.23 - The Sinister Glove
Welcome to the other week... Magic Waves Show - 23.07.23 - The Sinister Glove https://w...
Archived: Magic Waves - Sinister Glove - 25.06.2023
The previous dose of cosmic depravity...
Radio Oscillations: Summer Break
I'm taking a break and will be back in September for more fortnightly shows. Thank you ...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #366
Online for rewind now, link is
SEER Summer Break
Dear listeners! SEER is having a break till September, thank you all for tuning in this...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #365
Online now for rewind, stream at
Archived: SEER 575 Mule Driver - Silence is Golden
Cosmic chants to a variety of Gods. Rites and conflicts of the unseen. Dark ambient, ex...
Archived: SEER 574 Tonnie Vandeweert - Sin Chakra
This show moves between mindful meditation and rogue nightmares on bad dope. Ambient, d...
Taking a summer break
Weekly show will return this autumn/winter. In the meanwhile I've uploaded one of my fa...
Archived: SEER 573 FRE2K - A59E17
Proto-electronics, new wave, rhythmbox-a-vaganza, post-punk, 80ies experimental, sleazy...
Archived: Disease Circuits - 09.06.2023 AD - Nucleus of Nowhere
Enter your resonance -
Archived: Magic Waves Show - 28.05.2023 - Live from Newcastle upon Tyne - The Human Glove presenting
Online listening point A -
Archived: SEER 572 Ferre de Ridder - Juni
natural floating ambient and instrumentals in an ocean of time and space. SEER Mixcloud...
Archived: SEER 571 Sebastien Crusener - Shifting Mind, Shifting Words
latest show is up! colorful waterfalls of timeless retro-futurism. Spacial, ambient, te...
Archived: Radio Oscillations #363
The 363rd, yes that's right, show is online for rewind now. Can you dig https://www.mix...
Archived: SEER 570 LSTNR - A Stone Around The Neck
Back to the usual unusual.. quiet and monumental sounds and spaces, less is more is vir...
Archived: Disease Circuits 12.05.2023 - Live from the Nucleus of the Abyss
click it - pick it - flick it
Archived: QOB - Hexenritt
Up! Up! Up!  
Archived: SEER 569 BOG - Étude in Black
latest BOG show is up! Music, dialogue & FX from Columbo SEER Mixcloud - https://ww...
The IFM Festival Sunday is Happening in The Hague!
Trouble with the officials in AMS so we have to move our Sunday action to The Hague; Pa...




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