The Ultra Limited Edition MurderCapital Overalls are HERE

gotta have

The MurderCapital Dickies overalls mean business!
If you a job to be done do it yourself!
Only the release is super limited and only 10 are currently available. In case you are interested mail the IFMX
via since they are not yet available in the shop.
Price is 125 euri inc. VAT but ex shipping and handling costs.


and go!

work it!

hammer time


Upcoming events & shows

Jun 06
Radio Oscillations Logo
Radio Oscillations #364
New fortnightly exploration into soundscapes, abstract experimental, ambient, Berlin School, krautrock....and beyond.
Jun 09
Disease Circuits - 09.06.2023 - Nucleus of Nowhere
Lie down and relax - Reach a hypnotic state - Enter into a state of vibration - Use your mind to move your soul from your body - Return to
Jun 30
bar theo
The Intergalactische Bar
  • CBS TV
  • Bar Theo
Summer Jams in the Intergalactische Bar June 30th.
Sep 01
B-Movies n Burgers
B-Movies & Burgers (I-F's MurderCapital Movies All Nighter @ PiP)
  • PIP
A dream come true...

IFM Fest 2023

Festival Banner

The show must go on




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