Mean Streets

Mean Streets Episode 19

It's the middle of the week once again and time for MEAN STREETS... this time we're re-imagining the Kojak episode 'Requiem For A Cop', where we find our Detective Don trying desperately to clear the name of a fellow cop who was murdered and found in possession of 10 grand's worth of sequentially-numbered dollar dollar bills y'all. Going balls to the wall in his investigation to uncover the truth Kojak suspects anyone and everyone and digs deep into a rotten web of corruption, lies, bribery, vice, blackmail and sleaze... just the way we like it. Combining dialogue from the episode with a whole host of dirty gritty big bad city music, get your ears ready for a slamming selection of soul, funk, disco, library, soundtrack and way-out weird, psycho-synth and downright bad-to-the-bone grooves. It's a radio freakout dance fest tv trip for your mind!! Starting at 21:00 CIT on the Cybernetic Broadcasting System.


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