Archived: MAGIC WAVES - 22/01/2023 - The Temporary Supervisor


The latest despatch from the northern border town is up on the line.

Detto Mariano - Suspense
Morton Subotnick - Silver Apples of the Moon
Deep Purple - Space Trucking
Blue Oyster Cult - Stairway To The Stars
Black Sabbath - Into The Void
Aerosmith - Spaced
Roxy Music - Bogus Man
Sparks - Falling In Love With Myself Again
Sparks - My Other Voice
Iggy Pop - The Villagers
Iggy Pop - Funtime
Brian Eno - Backwater
Brian Eno - Back In Judy's Jungle
Eno Moebius Roedelius - The Belldog
Harmonia and Eno - Almost
Harmonia - Deluxe
Neu - Lila Angel
Conrad Schnitzler - Gold Side B Track 2
Asmus Tietchens - Bockwurst a la Maitresse
Der Plan - Rot Grun Tod
Grauzone - Hinter Den Bergen
Mau Mau - Mau Mau
Sylvia - Ich Bin Nicht Die
Monopol - Elektrischer Stuhl
DAF - Verlieb Dich in Mich
Logic System - Be Yourself
Haruomi Hosono - Sportsmen
Yukihiro Takahashi - Drip Dry Eyes
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Ballet
Yello - Sometimes (Dr Hirsch)





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