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Welcome to the Intergalactic FM Shop!
We are open for business 24/7 and offer a wide range of exclusive merchandise, special editions and (hand) made goodies.
We ship anywhere in the world and all boxes leave track and trace via DHL or Dutch Post. You can choose depending on your location.
All prices shown in the shop are in Euros and ex. 21% VAT which we have to add to all orders shipped inside the EU.
(Price incl. VAT is shown in the description of the article)
When shipping outside the EU we will not add VAT to your order.
Also the minimum order amount is 25 Euro (Ex. shipping) since we only ship boxes and it’s a missed opportunity not to fill till they spill!
Note that not everything will return in the shop once it’s sold out since we like to refresh our designs and offerings on a regular basis. As a matter of fact: We <3 exclusives!
Check out our funky payments since we accept a lot of different bank, credit and debit cards and more.
Note: When using Paypal we will charge 3.4% handling fee over the total amount. For Credit Cards the handling fee is 2.9%.
We ship within 5 days.
More about our terms of delivery here.

Dealers / Shops / Distributors are also welcome to buy goodies only a minimum initial purchase is required.
Manufacturing special (limited) editions exclusively for your outlet belongs to the possibilities.

The sky is no longer the limit and don’t hesitate to contact us with inquiries.
Let us be thankful we have commerce!

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