Please note that we’re not shipping during these days but you can still order.
Some goodies are super limited so better bag them before they’re gone!

Orders received before Saturday Noon 13th of July (CIT) will ship on Saturday!

-Quality of both the silk screened and printed prints + the shirts are hi-end. (Done by the hands of The Hague’s oldest silk screen master and even the puff prints WILL NOT CRACKLE!)
-Summer means things slowing down @ the IFMX. Shipping is only on Tuesday and/or Thursday during July and August!
The good news is shipping for certain EU countries has become a lil cheaper.
Thanks for flying Intergalactic!

-Customers outside the EU will not be paying VAT.
VAT businesses within the EU but outside NL please contact us before ordering since we need valid VAT ID. Please note that in this case we only accept IBAN transactions.

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