Vintage Intergalactic FM Membership Card

Vintage Intergalactic FM Membership Card

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Found a few more!
The Vintage Intergalactic FM Membership Card. Issued to hardcore members in 2010 and showing this card during any up and coming Intergalactic FM Festival will gain you entry to the fest for free (1 person) and access to the VIP room (if any) and a couple free beers to wipe your face with.
So yes it will stay valid until ETERNITY!
So dig it up if you still have one or buy one now and talk to the celebrities during the fest and drink from their fridge! (There are limitations on the consumption but the first 6 beers are on the house fo sure)
Also 10% discount on any merch you purchase during the festivals.
These are the last ones around found nicely tucked away in the basement. They will receive an unique 2022 number on the back.
Note that when less become available the price will climb…
Buying one will support the Intergalactic FM Mothership and you know how much we love to spend your money!
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