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Season 4 of the Panama Racing Club has started and most of the Panama Racing Club gear is nice priced for a while.
Note that all the colored shirts and prints are limited since the next batch will be different again.
Also the MurderCapital black shirts with the big print on front are back in stock!
Also currently we ship once a week on Wednesday due to the busy times here @ HQ.
Both Intergalactic FM and the PRC are under construction while the shows of course go on!
All orders include free stickers and download code for our digi shop at Bandcamp

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Daily IFMX

Shop is back in business with some newbies and restocks

Welcome back! Got some new Viewlexx series two shirts with medium size logo and a super limited MurderCapital Series one with a double print. Both also finally available in size S! The Acid Planet also back in orbit: all sizes available S/M/L/XL Let us be...

Last Shop Updates For The Summer!

Check out them ubercool (blue) summer releases @ the IFMX. Of course always something on sale too. Often last stock that you do not want to miss out on since most our releases are limited....

New Goodies Added – Lots-o-Specials!

Summer here we go! Check out the new limited editions and the new MurderCapital duo prints! Also the Acid Planet is back in orbit again and the last items of the black series one shirts are on sale until July 10th! Contact us if you have special wishes or questions...


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