Open 24/7 and New Shipping Options

The Intergalactic FM Shop is in full effect in 2018 too…
Due to the significant price raise of PostNL shipments outside The Netherlands we added the ‘Registered Shipping’ as an option to the standard Track & Trace making shipping actually cheaper.
DHL prices have remained the same (as their service…)

Big sale going on with major discounts on hoodies and more!

Keep an eye on the shop for limited edition specials coming soon; We have exclusive access to a new Silk Screening Factory now for more exclusive editions!
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The Shop Is Back In Full Effect!

Boom! Winter goodies and the special Bunker 25th anniversary t-shirt added to the shop. Check out each item for extra discounts when you get multiple items from the shop. Discounts are even valid on the items on sale. Depending on time of the week and work...

Shop closed until Friday December 1st! (Updated)

Shop is closed until Friday December 1st (and not until December 4th!) since we're adding the winter collection. Expect some (limited) Bunker Records gear (Also some special Bunker 25th anniversary stuff), MurderCapital and Viewlexx specials. If you would...

Black Friday at the Shop!

Have we gone crazy? Or just desperate for a couple sales? It's not even friday! Who cares because it's time to start LOOTING! An extra 15% off on all goodies and the regular discounts that are going on buying multiple items... Use FUCKING-CONSUMER as a...

Shop Back In Action

Shop is back in action again! New pricing policy on all clothes implemented: Permanent discount on all T-shirts/Hoodies/Sweaters in the shop. All combinations allowed: Buy 2 get 1 euro off per shirt Buy 3 or 4 and get 2 euri off per shirt Buy 5 or more and get 3 euri...


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