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Daily IFM

Dune Party! Heat vs Intergalactic FM Okt. 1st
Equip the bunkers with rocking tunes and prepare to drive the enemy back into the sea! Behind the sandbags: I-F, Ron Morelli, Legowelt, I...
Panama Racing Club @ Zendfestival Sat. Oct. 8th
Live action @ Zendfestival with PiP. Live via CBSTV featuring I-F, Intergalactic Gary, Starborough, Slick Chick & Space Operator. Po...
Radio Oscillations #352
Tonight: new fortnightly exploration into soundscapes, abstract experimental, ambient, Berlin School, krautrock....and beyond. When: 19:3...
Tonight 2100 CIT on CBS: Elitepop #33
One hour of music straight out of ET HQ…  
Tonight 2000 CIT: Gabbo's Rundfunkmuziek V2 / #326
Tune into CBS channel at 2000 CIT for a brand nu episode…  
Magic Waves Live Show from Dresden
Tonight's show is coming at you live from Dresden in East Germany, presented by Casio and featuring all kinds of weird and wonderful musi...
Per Musica Ad Astra Mix: Der Staubige Zauberer - Kosmische Volkswanderung
Dresden's cosmic wanderer returns with another deep trip of a mix featuring exclusively "Deutsche Kosmische Musik" from the 1970s, featur...
SEER 540 Ian Martin - Aire to Confusion
New show at 21h00 CET on The Dream Machine. New Wave / Minimal Synth and Drones, sweet and moody stuff
Tonight 2200 CIT on TDM: The MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting Conspiracy presents Therapie Organisatie
The MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting Conspiracy presents obscure sewer dwellers and hi-jacked shows supervised and compiled by C.GlöOmy. ...

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