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Broadcast event 2023-01-27 Ferre dj set in REVEAL
Tonight at 20:30 the latest dj set recorded by Ferre in REVEAL, followed by reruns from the archive. Tune in via https://intergalactic.fm...
Archived: SEER 554 Decipher - Envergadura
latest SEER show is up! Cosmic chants to mother earth and the stars. Retro future musix from all over the globe. Prog rock, gamelan, worl...
Schrödinger's Box Radio archive
You can find all Schrödinger's Box Radio shows here! Including guest mixes from Rapha, Sorrowbot, Cute Heels, Ra, Happy707, We Forfeit, ...
Archived: MAGIC WAVES - 22/01/2023 - The Temporary Supervisor
The latest despatch from the northern border town is up on the line. https://www.mixcloud.com/sinisterglove/magic-waves-22012023-live-on...
Archived: The Tone Zone - Welcome to the US 80s 90s -20.01.2023
The first episode of The Tone Zone was broadcast live from the Tone Zone on IFM/Magic Waves and was presented by Tony "fucking" Rome. An...
Archived: SEER 553 Ian Martin - Immaterial Vortex
latest SEER show is up! Very deep drones, broken rhythms, dessonant synthesizers and pure beauty, The Mysterious made audible!! download/...
Archived: SEER 552 Mule Driver - Futuro Antico pt2
1st show of 2023 is up! part 2 of the Futuro Antico special by Mule Driver. Expect instrumental improvisations and experimental landscape...
Radio Oscillations #354
A new season of fortnightly shows commences tonight on Magic Waves TV at 20:00 GMT.
Archived: Disease Circuits 06.01.2023
Fridays show. https://www.mixcloud.com/sinisterglove/disease-circuits-06012023/

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