Per Musica Ad Astra Mix: Mancio - Progetto S.T.R.A.T. Legacy

Posted on 6 June, 2021 by Magic Waves

Mancio brings us a new mix series, starting tonight. Here is his description:

"Progetto S.T,R.A.T. Legacy

There was a story, told in a beautiful and short documentary broadcast on Netflix that thrilled me. It is about a boy who has now become a man who has dedicated his life to the search for the unknown and has done it in a unique way. He sought contact with other extraterrestrial life forms simply by broadcasting music in the equipment space he built. His name is John Shepherd and he called this project S.T.R,A.T. For years, from his house, he has been playing "non-conventional" music with radio waves launched into deep space.

All this moved me. It is a pure act of love for music and a curiosity towards the unknown which is very ancient in the human species.

I decided to dedicate a new mix series in honour of this project and for the love of music. Such a beautiful love story, it needs to be supported.

Mancio: Progetto S.T.R.A.T. Legacy Vol 1"

Tonight's episode features music from Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze, Tim Blake and John Shepherd himself. Starting at 19:00 CET on The Dream Machine.

Per Musica Ad Astra Mix: Mancio - Progetto S.T.R.A.T. Legacy


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