New streaming server is in orbit! (Please read!) -UPDATE 2-

Posted on 30 May, 2021 by IFMX

All is running like a charm after some rough waters... We went into rerun modus faily early but we will continue with day 7 also faily early! Keep an eye on the TV for updates regarding times and artists!
This had to be done thank you for your understanding!

Let's Rock!

We had some small problems but all stations are a go via the new server.
If you cant connect please hard refresh the website!

We are starting tonight with moving the Intergalactic FM radio and tv streams towards our new server.
You actually do not have anything to do but a hard refresh of the website (CTRL + F5) if you lose the streams or cannot connect.
But please note that it could take a few hours sometime that your provider knows we have moved.
No panic, we are here to stay...

big ups to everybody letting us spend their money!

New streaming server is in orbit! (Please read!) -UPDATE 2-


SEND TO IFM (Updated)

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