The 2021 IFM Streaming Fest is a GO! (Updated)

Posted on 28 May, 2021 by IFMX

Update 27/05 13:37 CIT On and on she goes. We predict the festival will last into Sunday Night. Sit back, relax; We're well hidden in the asteroid field.

Update 23/05 15:47 CIT
All going smooth! Server meltdown avoided for now but we're getting a new one anyway.
Festival might last for +/- 7 days and big ups to everybody supporting, watching and contributing videos!
And all the lil bits help! DONATE.INTERGALACTIC.FM

The 2021 Intergalactic FM Festival will lift-off 1600 CIT via
(if you use VLC or any other media player capable of playing network streams you can use this link: )
Dream Machine TV will start 20:00 CIT via

The festival on CBStv has unique content for about 7x24 hrs! The Dream Machine for about 40 up to 48 hrs.
This makes it the biggest online festival ever. XL shout-out to everybody involved and submitting their amazing performances!
Due to the crazy amount of videos we could not add end credits to most of the vids. We started with a few but that was too much work and time was too short.
We will appear inbetween performances with video messages, updates, credits and special (bandcamp and shop) codes for discounts and giveaways.
Also a ticker will run with names of people donating (5 euro or more) to IFM and the festival. We really need that because it's an expensive operation.
This is also a perfect opportunity for your company to get some attention:
donate via and put in the comment what you would like to have displayed as a name in the ticker.
High rollers get stars!
Also the line-up will appear in that ticker (if any) and will be the only place to see it. It is impossible for us to publish this far ahead since the line-up is programmed live and on the fly thus fluidic. :)
It's the Intergalactic FM lifestyle.
Find here propaganda vids and posters and all the names participating.

With this out of the way there is no reason to not go mental the coming days; prepare for a proper music madness!

Your friends until the end,

InterrFerence & BOG


The 2021 IFM Streaming Fest is a GO! (Updated)


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