The Intergalactic FM Festival of 2021 Announcement

Posted on 21 May, 2021 by IFMX

Friends, Friendettes, Aliens, Spacelings and all other beings in orbit of the Intergalactic FM planet:

It's an honor and a pleasure to announce the 2nd Intergalactic FM Streaming Festival. It's a disappointment we still cannot announce the real IFM festival but it is what it is. We keep monitoring the Reptoids on Earth with their lockdows and curfews of course. There might be some light there might be permanent darkness.
Nevertheless we are going to party like it is 2019 from the comforts of our own space bases.
Please bookmarkt the Festival 2021 page for the latest info. You will see there the latest update date displayed with the list of participants, instructions and promotion material.
We already got an insane amount of artists participating!
Lift-off is Friday May 21st 1600 CIT via CBSTV and Dream Machine TV

We rely on you for the promotion of the festival so please share the flyers, posters and videos as much as you can and everywhere you can together with the url to the webpage for the fest:

The Intergalactic FM Festival of 2021 Announcement
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