El Camino TV Tonight @2030 with your host Miqkael

Posted on 19 February, 2021 by Mauro

It's Friday, you are all dressed up and nowhere to go, depressed and frustrated BUT it's a good thing because you can catch the xpecial live mixx show at El Camino with DJ Miqkael going Chicago House. Acid, Jack' and lots of cowbells will take all over the place to celebrate the BD of Shambler, Tiger of Macau and king of the rolls, and our Boss here at the UFO central. All brought to you by your favorite radio station www.Intergalactic.fm Get tuned to the way of El Camino 20h30 CET at www.intergalactic.fm/elcamino

El Camino TV Tonight @2030 with your host Miqkael
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