Astral Projections 1 // 23:00 CET

Posted on 29 January, 2021 by Astral Projections

Straight out of the frigid misty fog banks of the San Francisco Bay Area:  Check out my new show, Astral Projections, at 23:00 CET on the Dream Machine.  Exploring the intersection of magic, music and the paranormal from throughout history and today, from all over the world. Featuring some good music, audio clips and my big mouth.  Today's theme: Astral Projection.  Music by Bill Nelson, Jon Hassel, LOG Et3rnal, Jan Van den Broeke, Pablo's Eye, Helene Vogelsinger, Suso Saiz, Jonny Nash, Suspended Memories, Ben Bondy and a few others. Come hang out! - Rebecca 

Astral Projections 1 // 23:00 CET


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