Intergalactic FM 2021

Posted on 14 January, 2021 by IFMX

We wish you the best for another year at the upside of the grass.
Intergalactic FM will continue it's efforts to stream all those perfect beats. We sincerely hope we can do another real festival but the way it looks it's not going to be before the summer.
But we will keep you posted of course!
Whatever happens we will do another streaming fest but with a twist. Soon we'll call you for participations and with more details.

Also IFM will move away from coporate media as much as we can. The censorship of creativity and independent journalism, different opinions and what not is off the scale!
History has shown already many times that when governments and companies start to decide what is good for you and what you may see and hear shit is going to hit the fan.
Soon you'll be out of points and cannot even take a dump anymore without the permission of some IA or a humaan collaborator.

We will start publishing videos via
Most YT vids are already there. We will also use The Archive more and more and our own to dump audio and video for you to grab and distribute everywhere you feel fit.

Last but not least we cannot remain independent without your contibutions. So as of this year we'll publish the names of our sponsors on the TV screen each month for 30 days.
If you have a monthly sub it'll appear each month. Check out the dona options here:
When you would like to sponsor your company name it works the same way but if you would like to run a picture of your company on the screen we will charge half an Euro cent per pixel.
So a 250x250 add will set you back 312,50 for a month. Mail hottmx[@] for info.
Be sure it's money well spent.

Big thanks for all previous contributions and tuning in!


Intergalactic FM 2021
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