METAL WAVES - The Return...

Posted on 28 January, 2020 by Magic Waves

Tonight at 21:00 CET! The return of the noisy, thunderous, spitting, venomous, barbaric, and in all ways utterly over-the-top disgustingly hard-rocking racket that is the bastard-son of Intergalactic FM - METAL WAVES! Get ready to raise your fist, bang your head and reach for your Level 10 Magical Battle Axe with your host, the Evil Wizard once known to finer ears as Casionova... to borrow a phrase from a legendary Metal DJ of years past - "ROCK HARD, ROCK HEAVY, ROCK ANIMAL!!!!"

Tune in here: or face the apocalyptic wrath of 1000 sumo-rabbits of doom!!

METAL WAVES - The Return...


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