The Daily Struggle 003 (Updated 20:38)

Posted on 31 October, 2016 by IFMX

Welcome to the Daily Struggle our not so daily post regarding the Things of Internet!

Tell me why you don't like mondays??
Monday = Black Monday on IFM meaning the wavest wave all day... Longer actually, running all Black until Tuesday Noon.
Monday line-up:

1800: Queen of Blood's Black Monday Halloween Fix
1900: Gabbo's Rundfunkmuziek v2 New Epi 
2000: SEER Radio 290: Dan Raw's Muslimgauze Extended Play I
2100: Rude 66's Cosmic Overdrive
2200: Doppler DJ Unseen Forces -Live-
2300: Radio Resistencia Brand New Monthly Episode?

2200: Radio Oscillations #198: Krautrock

We also got a lil party coming up in The Hague this weekend!
If all works out we'll be running some of this via Intergalactic TV

Some stuff added to the archive:

Shipwrec Radio
Smackos Astro Unicorn Radio 109
Frankie Osmo's First Back To Music For IFM
Casionova's Tales of Ancient Britain Pt.2

Mixcloud IFM
Mixcloud InterrFerence
IFM Wetransfer
IFM Digi Shop

Stay tuned for updates on this post!

The Daily Struggle 003 (Updated 20:38)


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