Archived: Starborough's Return To Planet Galaxia Pt. 3

Posted on 16 January, 2019 by Starborough

Check out the 3rd episode of Starborough's Return To Galaxia Pt. 3 on Soundcloud or Mixcloud. 

In this third installment of the Return To Planet Galaxia series, Starborough guides you through the Pink Caves Retirement Home, where obsolete Galaxian clone’s, robots and cyborgs are spending their final days. An hour of idm, armchair techno and deep electro mixed live on the early morning of 31 december ’18 at the Starborough Mansion, Bos & Lommer, Amsterdam!
Shout outs to IFM HQ, the Operator and U-Trax, mister 154, Phako, Pawel “Pink Cave” Blot, Inge + Eclectro massive, Jazzual and all wotchoolisteningtocoggers. Enjoy your intergalactic space travelings!

Created for // No Station Such Dedication!

1. Steve Moore - Planetwalk [Spectrum Spools / Editions Mego]
2. Sonar Bass - Blunted [U-Trax Records / SCSI-AV]
3. ASC - Negative Space [Samurai Music Group]
4. Dopplereffekt - Non Vanishing Harmonic Spinor [Rephlex]
5. Mark van Hoen - The Help Without You [Very Friendly]
6. Speedy J - The Oil Zone [Warp Records]
7. Ken Ishi - Extra (The 7th Plain Remix) [R&S Records / A-Ton]
8. Daniel Avery - Stereo L [Phantasy Sound]
9. Palmbomen II - Carina Sayles [Beats In Space Records]
10. Newworldaquarium - Star Power [NWAQ / Delsin Records]
11. Slam - 52.02.376 - 101.00.000 [Soma Recordings]
12. Autophonic - Outnumbered [DUB / Phonics]
13. Plaid - Light Rain [Warp Records]
14. Aphex Twin - Ageispolis [ R&S Records]
15. Drexciya - Organic Hydropoly Spores [Tresor Records]
16. Made - Tap 1 [SCSI-AV]
17. The Detroit Escalator Co. - Abstract Forward Motion As A Mission [Ferox Records / Peacefrog Records]

Archived: Starborough's Return To Planet Galaxia Pt. 3


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