Friday's Bass Agenda show is up to download/stream

Posted on 15 January, 2019 by Bass Agenda

Friday's Bass Agenda show is up to download/stream via soundcloud and iTunes.…/bassagenda-170-the-subdermic-inter…

Part 1 - Interview and selections from The Subdermic, UK

T/error & 4th Genome - Bass Agenda Intro
The Subdermic - God The Mind (Absolute Vacuum mix)
The Subdermic - 2nd Shift
The Subdermic - Electric Cabaret
The Subdermic - The Passion
The Subdermic - Scaring the Horses (Acidhouse mix)
The Subdermic - Strawman, Flowers and Birds
The Subdermic - Rage 1st Movement
The Subdermic - Upside Down (Keyline mix)
The Subdermic - Joyride (645 mix)
Duran Duran - Faith In This Colour
DAF - Der Mussolini
Ontal - Lesion
JK Flesh - Different Species
The Subdermic - The Race to the Bitter End
The Subdermic - In Arduis Fidelis (Go Girl pass)
The Subdermic - Slick Metal
I-F - Playstation 2
The Subdermic - Lil's Mantra
Fleck E.S.C - Grandma's Cookies

Part 2 - guest mix by Carmelo Ponente, Belgium

Random XS - Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix) (Delsin - Promo)
Demia E.Clash - The Robot Loneliness (MFM Record)
Daniele Paduano - No Connection (R12 Records)
Go Nuclear - My Mind Is Going (Detroit's Filthiest Mix)(Bass Agenda - Promo)
Run The Jewels - Call Ticketron (Run The Jewels Inc)
Cestrian - Secret Language (Unknown to the Unknown)
Zeta Reticula - Extrapolate (Bass Agenda - Promo)
Zeta Reticula & Helga Neuer - I Am Mensch (Mechatronica)
Maelstrom - Confidential (Cultivated Electronic)
Larry McCormick - Show the Way (Monotone US)
Replicants - I Like The Way You Focus (Earwiggle)
Maelstrom - Smoker (Cultivated Electronic)
Djedjotronic - Celular (Central Processing Unit)
Onig Voorhaen - Red Forest (Reactinium)
Jackal and Hyde - Bad Robot (Code Rising Remix) (Dominance Electriciy)
Zeta Reticula - Galactic Halo (Cultivated Electronic)
Siak - Negative Space (Micro Vision Recording)
Syberian - I Hear the Future (Syberian)

Friday's Bass Agenda show is up to download/stream