Today at 1900 CIT: Starborough's Return To Planet Galaxia Pt. 3

Posted on 13 January, 2019 by Starborough


In this third part of the Return To Planet Galaxia, Starborough guides you through the Pink Caves Retirement Home, where obsolete Galaxian clones, robots and cyborgs are spending their final days. 
An hour of idm, armchair techno and deep electro mixed live on the early morning of 31 december ’18 at the Starborough Mansion, Bos & Lommer, Amsterdam!

Today at 1900 on CBS - IntergalacticFM // No Station Such Dedication! 


Listen to part 1 and part 2 on soundcloud or mixcloud, here:

Tracklist Starborough's Return To Planet Galaxia Pt. 2:

1. The Martian - Journey To The Martian Polar Cap [Red Planet]
2. Morgan Geist - Parturition [Fragmented Records]
3. Robert Hood - Station Rider E [M-Plant]
4. CRC - Archon [AW Recordings]
5. Basic Soul Unit - Surface And Submerge [Versatile]
6. Dark Energy - Aurora [Undergroud Resistance]
7. Neuropolitique - Menage A Trois [Irdial Discs]
8. Infiniti - Martians At Work [Metroplex Records / Tresor Records]
9. Convextion - Sulphur Vent [Down Low Music]
10. Delta Funktionen - Petrol [Delsin Records]
11. Random XS - Disconnected [Djax Records]
12. Legowelt - Lake Distrax [Strange Life Records]
13. Cybernet Systems - Circuitry [Battle Trax]
14. Florence - Solitary Confinement [Eevo Lute Muzique]


Today at 1900 CIT: Starborough's Return To Planet Galaxia Pt. 3


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